About Us


Nomenta designs, develops and manufactures uniquely designed consumer electronic products.

As a Danish company rooted in China, we follow the entire development process from idea to the final product with European eyes. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of both Chinese and Western markets, we offer a complete service making it uncomplicated and ethically justifiable for our customers to do business with China.

Nomenta’s key qualifications

Nomenta’s strength lies in efficient project management throughout the production process. Our in-house engineers and designers and our specially trained staff are in charge of inspections, tests and certifications, ensuring a high level of expertise and uniquely designed high quality products at competitive prices. 


The foundation for Nomenta was laid in 1998 when Christian Schjerbeck left Denmark to set up an export company based in Guangzhou, China. His brother, Michael, joined the project in 2002 and by 2003 Nomenta was created. In 2004 the ownership expanded with Michael becoming co-owner and head of sales. Today, the brothers manage Nomenta together in a solid and balanced partnership focusing on quality, design and precision. Nomenta started out as solely a trading company but, over the years, the company has developed into an ODM specializing in consumer electronics. Furthermore, Nomenta has gained rich insight and experience in the development and production of wearable electronics components.

Selected Customers