The Design Team

Our in-house design team is characterized by the visionary agenda of integrating designs with Scandinavian inspiration, functionality, the most recent technology and materials of high quality.

Our dedicated staff takes part in all aspects of the design process and numbers:

• Industrial and graphic designers
• Mechanics and electrical engineers
• Material specialists within metal, wood, plastics and even textiles


Design and production are interwoven. To design a product using the best solutions within the most profitable parameters, our design and procurement departments are involved in the production right from the very beginning.

Advantages by using in-house resources

The close collaboration between the different departments ensures a high standard, keeping the price of Nomenta’s products competitive without compromising quality and functionality.

Using in-house resources also make it easier to evaluate and adjust prices and functionality according to the needs of our customers.

The design process


Throughout the process, we focus on the details. They are the focus of the function of the product, the design and the production itself.

We control every phase of the production to ensure that the final product has a high functionality, that the materials fit and that the design is consistent.



Ideas for new designs usually arise from any number of scenarios:
- A specific idea from a customer
- The discovery of a better solution to a product
- Our own ideas of a product
During this phase, dreaming is allowed. Further to constructive and creative feedback from our design team, the wish list quickly narrowed down to a detailed product that reflects the customers need in terms of price, design, materials and functionality.



Our buyers & designers collect material & component samples, study the competition while identifying specifications and requirements.
In cooperation with the research and development team they examine the qualities & capabilities of the factories, the  technical solutions & platforms and what is possible regarding composition of materials, function, design and price.


Visual design:

Once various information about the product has been obtained, the design team starts shaping the product in close collaboration with the customer.
During this process, outside resources might be used, e.g. long standing design partners (architects, designers, technicians, etc).


CAD drawings:

Once the customer has accepted the design, our mechanical engineers are called to draw the whole product, internal and external details, in either 2D or 3D in order to communicate all curves, materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances.



Usually customers would like to receive a preview of the design to do further comments/improvements and this is usually done in collaboration with experienced mock up makers or factories.


Final product:

Once the prototype has been approved, production process can start.