We work within the following areas:

- Consumer electronics
- Wearable electronics
- Kitchen utensils
- Products in metal, plastic and paper.

ODM Process



The customer needs

We help develop our customer’s ideas and examine their needs regarding
- price
- quality and functionality

We also evaluate if:

- the product is innovative and fits the current trends
- the product is competitive


Profitability examination and feedback

During this phase we examine if its worth producing and:
- provide constructive feedback on the idea
- make a profitability examination in collaboration with our R&D


Product development

In this phase we specify all details, enabling the making of 3D drawings. We prepare and carryout a thorough:
- product specification
- materials specification
- specification of functions
- examination of the products development possibilities
- examination of various solutions
- collaboration with partners, factories and our own R&D
- preparation of product specification for factories with price and quality objectives.


Supply chain management

Our procurement team has a close relationship with an extended network of suppliers which allows us to present an in-depth analysis of production costs and supplier alternatives accordingly.


Production control

Our team:
- Provides guidance on how to produce the product.
- Runs pilot productions to narrow down the possibility of defects or production issues.
- Goes through an acceptance course concerning prototypes, colours, functions, electronic solutions, etc.
- R&D and Quality control carry out several production controls.


Quality Assurance

- The Quality Assurance specifications ensures a consensus between the production parties, the customer and Nomenta, aiming to prevent extra costs and possible delays during production.
- The QA specs also ensure compliance with delivery time.


Quality Control

To get a satisfying result and high, consistent quality, we carry various controls:
- Incoming Quality Control (IQC): controls materials conform to the applicable standards.
- Online Quality Control (OCQ): aiming to catch and correct defects during production
- Random Final Inspection (RIF): via Accepted Quality Level (AQL) which is specified by the customer.



We know how much it means to get the customers products delivered on time. That’s why we make sure to work closely with partners to coordinate all the logistics of the orders (from booking containers to arranging Door to door deliveries).