Our Services

Nomenta ODM designs, develops and produces quality products in China, and provides service for customers from supermarket chains to brand owners.


Creative Direction

Our team works closely in the development of ideas, with design and functionality in mind, pursuing the innovation, easiness and improvement of products and processes.


Project Management

Taking ISO 9001 as a base, we offer a multidisciplinary team that coordinates, oversees and ensures the management of the development of the customer’s product successfully. The tasks can include from designers, engineers, supply chain management and



Our design team, via collaboration with skilful designers, is characterized by the visionary agenda of integrating designs with Scandinavian inspiration, functionality and the most recent technology and materials of high quality.



Design and production are interwoven. To design a product using the best solutions within the most profitable parameters, our design and procurement departments are involved in the production right from the very beginning.


Supply chain management

Our procurement team has a close relationship with an extended network of suppliers which allows us to present an in-depth analysis of production costs and supplier alternatives accordingly.


Test and Quality Control

Our strict Quality Control (QC) standards ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer.


Quality assurance

Within the Asian market place this area of production has traditionally been the most difficult to manage. By implementing strict quality assurance throughout the organization we ensure that any product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements set by our customers through every stage of the process from the initial concepts to the final delivery.


Shipping & logistics

We work with a wide network of forwarders and logistic partners that permit us to offer prompt services and deliveries according to the customer needs.