Shoe Dryer System

Shoe Dryer System


Under the customer request, we worked to design and test a product that would be compact, simple to use and would work long hours, cataloguing it in the “heavy duty” product.


After several material testing (plastic that would stand high temperatures) and multiples trials with different oils and fans, along with close collaboration with SIDAS, we designed a product that can run for long periods of time with self monitoring thermostat.

The whole development, production, testing and certification was arranged within Nomenta’s close supplier network to comply with the market requirements for safety and performance.


Compact and versatile (with car charging options) the Shoe Dryer (HotDryer) came to fill a gap in the product family that our customer needed in order to have a wide spread portafolio.

Project Data
Type Client Launch Year
Personal Electronic SIDAS 2011
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